Where’s Joel Connelly’s apology?

Two years ago, in the Seattle PI, columnist Joel Connelly compared Global Warming deniers to Holocaust deniers.  

We now know that Connelly and the other members of the global warming cult were taken in by one of the greatest scams in the history of science. As “scientists” colluded to phony up their data to hide the fact that the planet was not warming… but it was and is actually getting cooler, as blogged by KIRO’s Dori Monson:



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3 responses to “Where’s Joel Connelly’s apology?

  1. DawgEatsDuck

    Yeah good luck on getting that apology. I heard that “if you deny global warming it’s like denying the Holocaust” junk so much the last few years… Nauseating.

    The global warming cultists have 60 votes in the Senate though and a ring-leader in the White House. It was never really about global warming anyway – it was about government control of the economy. They’ll still try ramming something through.

  2. really

    This is a more tempered and accurate assessment of this whole issue. Doesn’t change anything of substance, just adds a few more and probably minor questions.


  3. Yeah, don’t expect an apology any time soon. At least we know the truth.

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