UW Donor buys Dawgs of War for Skyline, Roosevelt players

9780979327117-Dawgs of War

A UW donor who wishes to remain anonymous has purchased copies of The Dawgs of War: a Remembrance for the players on the Skyline and Roosevelt football teams.

This donor has been a supporter of my writing for several years and I appreciate the gesture very much.  It’s good to know the book will reach the hands of so many young football players in the Seattle area.

We live in a Brave New World where Oregon is atop the conference standings and Washington has been the west coast’s laughingstock for several years now.  Teenagers of today don’t fully understand Washington’s glorious football past.  The Dawgs of War, which details quarterback Marques Tuiasosopo’s 2000 UW Huskies Rose Bowl team, is a vivid reminder of that history.


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