My posts have been nearly non-existent over the past month.  I am hard at work on my next book.  I will be re-firing up the blog later this year, especially as the football season gets cranking into high gear.



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4 responses to “Update

  1. Rob Wallace


    I just finished your book on the Don James Era. Outstanding read and brought back memories on how good things were under the Don James & Mike Lude years. Like you, I started following Husky football at a your age (11 years) 48 years ago, also with my Dad. The last 4 years under Ty almost caused me to lose hope. I’m really pumped about Coach Sark and the staff. After reading about Gerberding in your book, I now get how bad a leader he was and insecurites. Sad that ones ego can be so destructive. Very thankful for Mark Emmert who couldn’t be more different. Do you know if Coach Sark has read your book? I know they are extremely busy but Sark and his staff should read your book to further build upon what they’re doing to get back to Husky football.

    God bless, chopping at the bit to read you next book

  2. Huy

    Just dropping by.Btw, you website have great content!

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  3. pthrapp

    I love the picture. 🙂

  4. Derrick the Oil Man

    A great photographer took it!

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