Husky Nation in Meltdown as Coaching Search Drags On

You know things are bad when Husky fans on message boards are calling for the rehiring of Jim Lambright.

After Mike Leach’s interview with UW athletic Director Scott Woodward was reportedly tepid, Husky Nation’s anxious eyes don’t know where to turn, in anticipation of their next coach

Husky Fans Cracking under Pressure

Husky Fans Cracking under Pressure

This coaching search has all the consistency of Sybil Dorsett.  Where the likes of Pat Hill, Jim Mora and Mike Leach have removed their names from consideration, it seems that a shallow pond of candidates remain.  Two assistant coaches now mentioned are Steve Sarkisian of USC, and Brent Venables of Oklahoma. 

Tracing back to last December, when President Mark Emmert decided to bring Coach Tyrone Willingham back for a fourth year, Husky Football has disintegrated into chaos and 0-12 hell.  Oh, the ravages that political correctness has wreaked upon a once-formidable program.

Whether the likes of a Sarkisian of Venables could carry the panache and ability to unite Husky Nation and bring forth wins is anyone’s guess.  But what is certain is that this would be the most massive of an endless parade of letdowns.

The one remaining whisp of hope, would be the possibility of a mystery candidate lingering in the shadows. 

But the one thing that is certain:  The nerves of Husky Nation are beginning to fray at the edges.


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One response to “Husky Nation in Meltdown as Coaching Search Drags On

  1. There was a time when we feared playing the Huskies. Now it’s Bear Territory!

    But I know how you feel. We’ve not been to Grandaddy since the 50’s. You have. Enjoy the game.

    Go Bears!

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