Should Charlie Weis be Fired?

The boys from Dome and Domer have an interesting discussion about the future of Notre Dame football in the wake of the humiliating loss to Syracuse.




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2 responses to “Should Charlie Weis be Fired?

  1. He just looks like a great coach.

  2. NDAlum

    Charlie went all in on Clausen who just has some missing parts. More pure talent than Montana but none of the mental toughness. Clausen doesn’t seemed to be bothered by losses and has no chance of ever making it in the NFL. Like his two brothers he just doesn’t have the grit and determination a quarterback needs. USC will be his last start in blue and gold. Prediction for next year is Charlie is gone. Charlie has put together a very good group of athletes but has chosen to treat boys as men. This is a team of party boys that are not serious about the game – money for nothing and the chicks for free!!, and unfortunately Clausen is the leader in that department.

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