God Bless Seattlest: The Critical Mass Controversy

I am heartened this afternoon by an editorial written in Seattlest today about the recent bloody confrontation between Critical Mass bicyclests and a motorist.  It was a responsible and searingly accurate article.  As these folks in CM bicycle around the city with their anarchist mentality, it’s like they’re railing against anything patriarchal in our society.

Said Seattlest: 

So, what should happen to Critical Mass? It needs to stop being used as a way to intentionally piss off the drivers in this city by flaunting the laws. (This also goes for you individual riders who routinely blow through red lights, cut down sidewalks, and jump curbs.) CM needs to become an organized ride with an announced route that respects the traffic laws to which we, as bike riders, are legally beholden. If it is safer to keep the entire ride together in one column rather than breaking it up when a light turns red in its midst (it is), then permits need to be applied for and vehicular traffic diverted. If bikes are traffic too (a core reason for many CM riders to take part in it, including this one), then it’s time we start acting like it.



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