Kevin Calabro Should be Invited into Husky Football Family

Kevin Calabro

Kevin Calabro

So former Seattle Sonic announcer Kevin Calabro is going to be broadcasting soccer games?  This seems seriously out of whack.  Calabro calling soccer is like Michaelangelo coloring with crayons or Jimi Hendrix playing a banjo.  While long-time voice of the Huskies Bob Rondeau should remain ensconced in his current position, it would be great to find a home for Calabro in the Husky family.  Perhaps he can take over duties for Fox Sports Broadcasts, so that a few times a season the fans could be able to enjoy his tremendous broadcasting talents.

I can just hear it now….  “Locker back to pass, under tremendous pressure and he starts to scramble–  there’s flyin’ chickens in the barnyard!  Locker tucks the ball and begins running downfield…  Breaks two tackles…  Oh GOLLY MISS MOLLY!  What a move to fake a defender out his shoes!  He’s to the 30, the 20, the 10….  Montlake Jake has taken flight upon that magic carpet ride!  TOUCHDOWN WASHINGTON!  What a move!  Jake Locker–  NOBODY does the VOODOO like YOU DO!”


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