California newspapers viewing UW as outlaw post


Thanks to the Seattle Times for perpetuating the myth of UW lawlessness.  The following article appeared in today’s San Jose Mercury News, in response to the Seattle Times.  There are many others out there popping up like mushrooms after a rainstorm.  

The Seattle Times is both disappointing and perplexing.  Today was Part II of a four-part series that attempts to portray the 2000 Washington Huskies as a bunch of lawless thugs under the watch of former coach Rick Neuheisel.  Yesterday, graphic details of former star Jerramy Stevens’ alleged rape were put forth, and today we were treated to the portrayal of former linebacker Jeremiah Pharms leaving a bloody fingerprint at the scene of a break-in. 

What purpose do these articles serve?  First, they sell newspapers.  Secondly, by the Times’ own admission, they attempt to put in greater perspective the cesspool that current coach Tyrone Willingham inherited when he arrived in Seatte in December 2004.  Why such a fervent defense is put forth to defend a coach with an 11-25 record, I can’t fathom.

There is a gray area in this equation.  Tyrone Willingham HAS undoubtedly cleaned things up at Washington, from an integrity standpoint.  But the media has built up the “Willingham has integrity” angle to such preposterous heights that it almost rings Biblical in nature.  Why wasn’t Keith Gilbertson given all this support, since he took over the cesspool directly from the supposedly sinister Neuheisel?

There’s more to come in the next two days, with an article tomorrow purportedly on the late Curtis Williams.    




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2 responses to “California newspapers viewing UW as outlaw post

  1. Frank Shaw

    ANd third, the stories make the point that when people say “win at all costs” this is what they are signing up for….I think there are a lot more people today than there were last week who are less willing to “win at all costs.”

  2. I wish they would mention the good that came out of this 2000 team.

    Should I dis-credit what Marcus Tuiasosopo did because of Jeremy Stevens? No.
    That team was a great team, and the Seattle Times is making them out to be the worst team ever.

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