Groz and Gas contradict themselves


I am sitting at my desk at home and listening to Groz with Gas on KJR.  The duo was just discussing today’s news that UW defensive coordinator Kent Baer and tight ends/special teams coach Bob Simmons were let go.

Groz and Gas are both speaking matter-of-factly that these firings were no surprise and understandable because they were based on “poor performance.”  It’s true, in light of spotty special teams play and the nation’s 104th-ranked defense, that the performances by Baer and Simmons were sub-par.

But why in recent weeks were Groz and Gas so vociferous in their defense of Tyrone Willingham, when the Husky head man was coming under fire?  Groz in particular held fans in contempt who believed that Willingham was failing.  Why would Groz and Gas believe that Willingham didn’t deserve to be judged on poor performance because he needed more time, and yet not apply this argument to the two departed assistants?

Nevertheless, these situations are never pleasant, so let’s wish Baer and Simmons well and move on.

In these dark days of winter, everything that the Husky Nation does should be geared toward beating Oregon  in Autzen Stadium on August 30, 2008.



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2 responses to “Groz and Gas contradict themselves

  1. Big Dave


    I ran into Groz at our tailgater before the Apple Cup.
    I called him over and told him all the reasons I felt
    that Ty needed to be fired immediately. He mumbled something about Frank Beamer and his huge goiter then left in a hurry.

    Groz and, his dim side kick, Gas do not get it.
    They are not Huskies nor are they even Husky fans for that matter.
    The last 2 Mondays, with the ousters of Turner and now Baer and Simmons, have been great days. If only somehow Tyrone would resign or get canned the Festivus Miracle would be complete.

    Merry Christmas,

  2. Stu

    And don’t forget that KJR is official Husky station and Gas has to do a weekly show with TW.
    Under that background, I highly doubt that Gas will go out on a limb and call out TW for anything…ass-kissing will be his game until TW is canned of course then all bets are off..

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