Willingham on the way out?

Through the proverbial “fog of war” it is difficult to get a grasp on what exactly is happening over at Montlake today.  There are conflicting reports and rumors swirling everywhere.  One thing that is certain is the division of Husky Nation.  UW President Emmert is in a tough spot, because he’s going to absorb flack regardless of which decision he makes regarding Willingham’s future.

It’s been interesting how Athletic Director Todd Turner has been a non-entity in all of this.  High-ranking boosters have gone right past him and made their appeals to President Emmert.

Personally, while I would feel badly for Willingham and his coaches from a personal standpoint,  I would feel elated on behalf of the UW football program were a change made.  My overall impression is that it’s going to happen.  The next task then would be to bring on Jim L. Mora as the new coach of the Washington Huskies.  It would be the most optimism I have felt toward the Dawgs in almost ten years.


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