The Husky Season that Was… In Quotes




August 30 – Washington 42, Syracuse 12

“We expected to do what we did.  I think (Jake Locker) can do better…  We are just a faster team. This is the most speed we’ve had on the field in three years.”

-Tyrone Willingham, UW head coach

“I don’t want to say that (Jake Locker) is going to win the Heisman Trophy.  But he’s going to go out there and make plays for the Huskies, and I’m just excited about it.”

Jordan Reffett, UW Defensive Lineman

September 7 – Washington 24, Boise State 10

“I don’t see any false sense of security in that locker room.  They’re excited but not overly excited. They’re thinking the same thing we are as a coaching staff. They’re showing maturity.”

-Kent Baer, UW Defensive Coordinator

 “I think it tells us we’re still growing.  The potential is there. If we believe today is the be-all, end-all, we’ve made a very serious mistake.”

– Tyrone Willingham

September 14 – Ohio State 33, Washington 14

“What we stress is that when they [mistakes] happen, you’ve got to bounce back, and we didn’t bounce back at those critical times, and that’s my disappointment.  Those kinds of swings happen with every football team. The good ones rally, and that’s what we’ve got to get to being.”

– Tyrone Willingham

“That’s growing pains.  That’s some of the young guys we are playing with right now, including the quarterback, going through growing pains.”

– Tim Lappano, UW Offensive Coordinator

September 21 – UCLA 44, Washington 31

“We couldn’t come up with that one more play to stop another drive…  (Long kickoff returns) are plays we can’t give up.  We have to find a way to avoid those. There were probably about 30 points there on plays of that nature that you can’t do…  I think our team, without any question, kept fighting.  I don’t think there was any issue about that. There was an execution issue where we didn’t get it right and do things to be in position to jump on top.”

– Tyrone Willingham

“We don’t get down.  We’ve got a lot of fight on this team, a lot of character on this team. We’re still strong. We know what kind of team we are. We’re just making too many mistakes right now.”

– Anthony Russo, UW wide receiver

September 28 – USC 27, Washington 24

“Washington was there to take it.  All they needed was one more chance.”

-Pete Carroll, USC head coach

“I am extremely proud of our football team.  But in saying that, I don’t take any solace that we came close.”

-Tyrone Willingham

“It’s tough to lose a game like this.  They made some mistakes and we didn’t capitalize the way we wanted to. We’ve got to learn how to win these games.”

-Jordan Reffett

October 13 – Arizona State 44, Washington 20

“I thought we were poised and in position to have a really good third quarter.  The key is to just keep working and keep working and good things will happen.”

-Tyrone Willingham

“It’s just missed tackles, missed opportunities.”

-Dan Howell, UW linebacker

October 20 – Oregon 55, Washington 34

“Half the time, I didn’t know where the ball was.”

– EJ Savannah, UW linebacker

“I think we’ve got some issues (on giving up 661 yards).  Obviously, there were a lot of things that we didn’t do and places that we didn’t get to.”

– Tyrone Willingham

October 27 – Arizona 48, Washington 41

“I think it goes without saying that this one is very, very difficult.  I am extremely disappointed.”

-Tyrone Willingham

“It’s horrible.  Today I’m feeling pretty low. It’s one of those games where you’ve got them by the tail, and to have a collapse like that is not acceptable.”

– Jordan Refett

“If it’s USC or anyone else that is at the top of the conference, you want to have better players than they have, and that’s what the whole recruiting process in trying to build our football team is all about.  I love the players that we have. We have good players. They are making some plays. They are doing some things. We do need to finish the deal, absolutely.  You are always trying to get better players. It’s not an indictment of the guys that we have. Unfortunately when some things are brought about, that’s the twist, the spin that everyone wants to put on it.  We have some players making some great plays and doing some great things. Not enough of them, but that’s not players, that’s team. That’s coaches and everybody involved.”

-Tyrone Willingham

November 3 – Washington 27, Stanford 9

“The whole theme this week was enough is enough.  We were tired of everything the last six weeks. Let’s just play ball.”

-Juan Garcia, UW center

“That (players-only) meeting did a lot to get everyone on the same page.  It got the younger guys on the same page as the seniors because this is our last go-round and we’ve got to change things around. When that happens and you have that good week of practice, people are more confident and they feel better about the game, and that’s what happened.”

-Greyson Gunheim, UW defensive end

November 10 – Oregon State 29, Washington 23

“He said he was proud to be a Husky and he loves them.”

-Tim Lappano, on Jake Locker speaking to team after returning from Corvallis hospital

“That was just a strange football game overall.  There was no other way to describe it.”

-Tyrone Willingham

November 17 – Washington 37, California 23

“That was like a Husky day, a Dawg Day Afternoon.   It was fun playing out there in that weather and with some big sticks, some great defense and running the football.”

-Jordan Reffett

“The game plan was just to line up and run the ball.  Just line up and play football. That’s all we did.”

-Juan Garcia

November 24 – Wash. State 42, Washington 35

“We just blew the coverage.  Communication was not good across the board…  Defensively we started to let them make a couple of plays down the field and we couldn’t come back and make any plays. We had a couple of drops, a couple of penalties, and suddenly you have to deal with potentially being way ahead to being behind…  If we can get some pass rush and get in his face we’ll be in great shape.  We haven’t got enough pressure lately nor made the right play.”

-Tyrone Willingham

“I take the criticism.  I’ve been coaching a long time. One thing people say about us after every game is, ‘You play hard.’ That’s one thing we can count on. Now, you have to make some plays. If we had caught balls in the first half, the ones we tipped, that might’ve changed the game. That’s the thing that kills you.”

-Kent Baer, UW defensive coordinator

December 1 – Hawai’i 35, Washington 28

“This was a real disappointment because our young men played a heck of a football game.  It’s that old football circumstance that one more play and we win a football. We just did not make the one more play.”

-Tyrone Willingham

“I think we’ve made a lot of progress.  This program’s a lot better now that it was when we got here. It is. I know there aren’t enough wins yet, but I think we’ve done some pretty good things. … We played a good football team in here. Some people thought we were going to get blown out of there, and we played out tails off for the most part.”

-Tim Lappano



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3 responses to “The Husky Season that Was… In Quotes

  1. Michael Spann

    Interesting to see these postgame comments compiled in one place, but disappointingly bland as well, which must come from the paradox of what some of us oldtimers describe as shoveling smoke. I’ve often felt that coaches and athletes should earn at least one thing from a loss – anonymity and the obligation to say nothing at all.


  2. KaileyUW

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Ty.

  3. Lincoln Kennedy

    Hey look at it this way… for most these games they were very competitive at least in the first half. Husky fans have something to look forward to, It’s a “Marathon” not 100 yard dash. Good things will come.
    Good work Derek

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