Biggest disappointment? It’s the Lowering of Expectations

A post the other day from raised an interesting point.  The biggest disappointment of all that has been brought forth in the three years of Tyrone Willingham coaching the Huskies has been the lowering of expectations.

Back in 1998, a 6-6 record got UW coach Jim Labright fired from his job.  I remember Washington’s sixth win that season, which was an unimpressive 16-9 win over the Cougs.  The Husky locker room was bedlam, because the win meant that Washington would continue its string of not having a losing season since 1976.  In other words, to have gone 5-6 that year would have been seen as a travesty.

These days, as the Huskies sit at 4-8 (and a last place 2-7 in the Pac-10), there are supporters of Willingham saying that he needs more time to build his program.  So many people no longer see a 2-7 and 4-8 record as absolutely unacceptable.

The strength of the team this year was supposed to be the front seven of the defense.  And yet, with the defense ranked 98th nationally and having given up a school record 465 yards rushing to Oregon, it’s been a giant disappointment.

Outgoing seniors like Wilson Afoa and Jorden Reffet admirably attempt to deflect critcism by saying it’s the players’ fault and not the coaches.  But with the endless parade of pratfalls as witnessed at the end of last Saturday’s Apple Cup, enough is enough.  Time for a change in leadership.  


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