Would Book of Naked Oregon Cheerleaders Sell?

I have been working 6 days a week for four months on a ghost-writing book project, and it is drawing to a conclusion.  I have recently been contemplating what my next book project is going to be.  I asked an Oregon friend of mine (as he grieved in the aftermath of the Ducks’ loss to Arizona) what kind of book he thought would be successful.  He figured that Oregon’s current crop of cheerleaders is so appealing, that a coffee table book featuring them disrobed could be a best-seller. 

After conducting a little research (see above), I concur that they, like their team, are at a top 10 level.



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5 responses to “Would Book of Naked Oregon Cheerleaders Sell?

  1. enoughTW

    Here is a closer look at the ladies…


    One of ladies mentions “coloring” as a hobby..hmm..and how old are these women?..hmmm

  2. cmajor7

    Please, in the name of all that is holy, write this book.

  3. Me

    The Ducks cheerleaders: The ONLY good thing about the University of Oregon.

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